An excerpt from our other project… which fades in and out of consciousness


The hog stands rigid, trembling

The road turns
Sweeps her feet out from under her

The collapse takes her breath away
She is fearful of the noise
She is fearful of the dark
She rolls in the mud to protect her bones
The mud of her failures, her traumas, her mistakes
Regret drives the transport, he looks at her
in the rearview mirror–
Mind of innocence, blood of purity
Heart of a slave, so angry, engulfed
In the pleasure and anguish of self pity
Like a child she wraps her body around herself
Prepares to weep until it is over
She weeps for a long time
Her tears carry her to sleep
In her dreams she is a mother
She walks with her litter around her
They trip and tumble over one another
They are still blind
With her sure footing she guides them
She points her gaze forward

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