Navel Gazing

I’ve really tried to cut down on the amount of content I put on the blog that involves navel gazing, but this month has really been a doozy. Between friends getting new jobs, friends getting new marriages and friends getting through new relationship issues, it’s been a big month of personal growth for me and all my pals. 

I’ll spare you all the gory details, but the long and the short of it is that relationships (in any form) are work. It never gets easier. The easiest thing to do would be to not have relationships, to tune out the world and give up. It’s harder to be friends, it’s harder to be lovers, it’s harder to not take each other for granted. And I don’t think too many folks realize how critical acknowledging this is to the success of a relationship. 

Love needs faith. Love needs effort. Love needs work. And it’s always, always, always worth it. The phone calls, the hugs, the small gestures and the shitty, shitty fights, long nights and periods of total despair. But what you get in the end is something to be proud of, something to fall back on and a reflection of your true self. 

So, romantic or not, relationships are like plants. As my grandma said, you can either water them with piss or you can give them sunshine and water. (Hint: choose the latter, your apartment smells better)


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