Dilated pupils

I’ve been reading a lot about innovators lately. About how they look at the world. They see opportunity. They don’t see failure but lessons. And it seems that for them, the answers were clear (although I’m sure there had to have been some self doubt sprinkled in there) and I wonder if there’s potential I’m overlooking.

I wonder if the recent turnmoil is actually what a sea change looks like. I wonder if there’s a better way to marry all my passions into something constructive. I wonder if I’m doing it right.

Largely, it seems passion overrules reason. It becomes and obession and then it becomes life. Particularly in the case of 180 Degrees South, the locus of the story only came out of the woodwork as the adventure was unfolding.

Being a romantic person, I’d like to think I’m in the middle of an adventure and the day-to-day challenges are part of this defining, reshaping and negotiating. Only time will tell.

It’s just too bad I’m impatient as all get up.

The closer you get, the hazier it all appears

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