Achievement unlocked?

So, right in time for my birthday, OkCupid gave me the gift of moderation on their fair site.

Way back when when Miss Chicago and I entered the fray that is online dating, we started comparing notes of opening lines (my favorite: Would you ever walk barefoot in cake?), things people put in their profiles (mostly goofy faces and pets) and most notably, their usernames.

Show me whatcha workin’ with? Here it is. LEGIT.usernames.

While I’m sticking to my guns with my theory that everyone just wants to be loved for their personal brand of weird, it’s pretty apparent that compatible weirdness is an extremely particular thing.

Trulia, on the other hand, agrees with Miss Chicago in that they feel success in dating has everything to do with your location. It comes down to economies of scale. For Valentine’s Day this past year, the real estate search engine published this blog post about the ideal ratio of men to women in cities and gives you all the information to scope out your own metropolis.

Some of the other tidbits are that 64 percent of people (not just women) prefer to date someone who lives alone (I mean, let’s get real. I don’t want to share Saturday morning breakfast and NPR with your room mate, bro).

If you’re looking for men, get thee to Las Vegas, Honolulu or Palm Bay because you’ve got one and a quarter men to your fine self in those hot spots! A whole man AND a quarter! If you want a ladyfriend, she’s probably in Bethesda, Washington D.C. or Boston.

And just as it’s all about location, location, location in the movie that is your life, it’s also about the algorithm. This video blew my mind! Mostly because I realized my algorithm has got to be out of whack.

Either way, my gawker self is dying to see what other users flag about each other, and what other kinds of weird are out there snookin’ for love.

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