Where I’ve been


I really have no excuse. It’s the 21st century. I have the goddamn WordPress app on my phone. I guess I just haven’t felt particularly candid lately. A lot has changed at work (hello! promotion!) but all of those changes have required a lot of offline processing and realigning of my life wants and desires and my work wants and desires. So in no particular order, here’s where I’ve been.

I promise I’ve been thinking of you the whole time. 

photo 15

I’ve been on a lot of trains lately. It’s amazing what you can see from the back of a giant steel serpent.

photo 2

Punted this variation on bruschetta. It’s better when you have a BFF to eat it with.

photo 1

Daylight, nightlight, it’s all the same landscape of the place I belong.

photo 14

These miles are hard-fought, my hips can attest to all of them. All 15-at-once-of them. You really need to pack a lunch at that point.

photo 13

Sister-bot and I at Lollapalooza. Dad came this year for Friday and as soon as he got home vowed to go the whole weekend next year. My sis does hipster way better than yours truly.

photo 12

My friend in St.Joe is a collector of beautiful things as he is a maker of beautiful things. This morning post-run I loved the softness of the chair, the strong coffee and the peeling paint of his windows. A lucky moment.

photo 24

Summerfires in rare places in the middle of the week in the middle of a city.

photo 11

We’re going places, you and I.

photo 23

Birds over my coffee.

photo 8

In Wisconsin, there are gas stations off the highway with petting zoos. I couldn’t even make this up if I tried. Bonus points: the gas station featured some real awesome taxidermy.

photo 22

Beach volleyball in the middle of an urban center. Of course.

photo 21

Late afternoon run along the river. Some days just pull you along via an invisible rope.

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