Hat Trick

There’s been quite a bit of radio silence these past few months namely because I haven’t stopped running around. Literally.

Training plans for a marathon call for between 40 and 60 miles each week. This seems like a fuckton of miles, and believe me, it is. But that also adds up to a big chunk of time. In practice, though, it’s been worth it.

Yesterday I hopped a bus to Madison after my mom, sis and longtime friend got stuck in traffic coming up from Illinois on 294 when a semi flipped and caught fire. That roughly translates to 4 miles of parking-lot-shaped gridlock. So, I read some of Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, etc. and arrived in Madison just in time to pick up my stuff at the expo for the race.

Miss Arizona and I beat the clan to Brasserie V where a tasty dinner awaited us. photo 4

Given that she’s been eyeballs-on-fire busy with the end of the semester and her grad program, her final practicum in the north woods and moving with her paramour, it was nice to catch up leisurely just the two of us over a glass of wine she drank (no booze before races).

I gorged myself on the total bliss that was mushroom risotto and what appeared to be creme bruleé in disguise before falling into my hotel bed with my sister.

The last half marathon I did I was completely unprepared. I basically ran it cold on brawn and grit and the American Dream. Mile 10 was totally evicerating and right then and there I told myself that I’d do the Madison Mini right.

Some butterflies that morning I started out like I usually do when I cross that start line: “go slow, go slow, slow down, go slow.” When I got to mile 6 I almost jumped out of my skin when the clock ticked 1:30. Umm… what!? Now, I’m fully aware that some roadrunners out there can do an entire half marathon in that time, but for the chick who grew up not being able to run anything, this was pretty stellar.

My final time was 2:35, a whole TEN minutes faster than my former best time. And while I ruined my feet in the process (I needed new shoes anyway) and was hungry for an ice bath like I never had been before in my life, I spent the rest of the day pretty elated.

photo 3

What was even better was finishing to Avicii’s Levels and seeing my mom, sis, Robin and Rob waiting for me at the finish line. I downed gatorade, water, chocolate milk, whatever liquids I could get my hands on and then followed it up with, well, the best thing ever. Macaroons.

Let’s hope the full marathon at the beginning of October goes just as well. If my spider senses say anything. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be rocktacular.


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