The Last Lost Continent

Shortly after I penned Monday’s post IT surfaced:

User Experience! OH ME OH MY, UX!

Elementary, my dear Watson! It all seems so clear now. According to one coworker, I’ve been dancing around this area of expertise for some time now. According to me, I’ve been doing this my whole life.

UX team of one

The User Experience Team of One, Leah Buley

The first thing I ask myself when I see a webpage or a new app: do I want to keep touching it? That question is shortly followed by: Okay, so I hate it, but why  do I hate it?

100 points for Gryffindor!

Since about April, it’s been clear that something had to change. I tried on lots of hats, thought about different outcomes — including going back to school for social work — and I think I’ve finally found something I’m passionate about all the time as well as something that wouldn’t be impossible to vault into from where I’m at.

Today I attended a webinar with the lovely Leah Buley, author of UX Team of One (yes, it’s on it’s way here from Amazon as we speak), who broke down into manageable chunks some of the strategies she outlines in her book for UX design. It was really, really encouraging to see so many inroads from the processes I do in my current position into the kinds of things I want to do. (Heck! I just put a stop on a project because I wasn’t sure if it was something our end user NEEDED.) But what was most encouraging was what Buley said when I asked her how someone with my background (marketing and branding) moves into UX. Her answer? “We need you!”

Wait, what?! I’m needed?! I’m needed somewhere where I’m not just a cog in a machine but you want my opinion?! Done. Shut down everything.

In the coming days I’ll be overviewing what Buley talked about in the webinar from O’Reilly Media, if you can’t wait, you can catch the full webcast here: Webcast: Secrets of the User Experience Team of One.

“So fill your heart with what’s important, and be done with all the rest.”

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