Intro to UX: Part 4

Ideally, I’d be getting up in the morning, making a pot of coffee in my french press and a kimono and write out the most brilliant thoughts to come into my head at the start of the day. Instead, I find myself perpetually running out of hours in the day.

Girlfriend has to grocery shop, clean house, make sure I get my miles in (BECAUSE THAT MARATHON IS NEXT WEEK, BITCHEZ!!), read, balance my life *ahem* checkbook, and by the time I get to the dishes it’s usually bedtime. Thrilling.

Days like today where I’m extra tired and it’s not even 9:30pm, I have a hard time focusing on what’s really important; writing. Especially since UX is not my full-time job…yet! Part 4 of Leah Buley‘s webinar last week talked specifically about just that — focusing.

As a leader, and all UX folks are in fact, leaders, it’s up to us to help our team stay focused on what’s important. This means prioritizing what’s most important, even when your team disagrees with you. How could this possibly be effective? Assessing what’s high bang x low buck and what’s a reasonable, achievable goal and what’s pie-in-the-sky.

Here’s a pretty high-level overview of how you can do this for your teams. The best results really come from having a cross-functional team, meaning folks from all kinds of disciplines and areas of expertise.

Assemble your dream team

  1. Prioritize the following:
    1. What can be done?
    2. What can be done well?
    3. What can we focus on?
  2. What are the features we’re considering?
  3. What’s high bang x low buck?
    1. What’s high satisfaction? Low?
  4. What’s achieved? What’s absent?

Using this general approach and your team of superstars from all kinds of corners of working, move through the process with that cultivated sense of wonderment. Talk to your users and talk them through the process. Understand what confuses them. This can be done with real-time users or a test group to determine what inherent problems there are with the system’s design and how the next iterations should appear.

My next iteration? Bed before 9:30 on a Tuesday. In no way is that sad.

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