Today I woke up feeling just a little bit different, well rested and totally excited about having a long day. My hair is out of control and I’m inadvertently head-to-toe in olive drab.

Hey, Hermione! Can I borrow that?

Tonight I’m meeting up with a UX’er from 7Summits, a local agency specializing in social business and social marketing, to pick her brain about UX and what she does for a living. She finished her degree in library sciences last year and I’m noticing this is a pretty popular trend in the field. (Largely, there are three backgrounds: coding/programming, graphic design/branding/marketing, and library/information sciences) What I’m trying to determine is where the gaps in my knowledge are and how advantageous or essential that degree would be. Or, if I just need to spend the next month teaching myself code and working on projects ad hoc wherever I can.

Afterward, I’m meeting a friend for a meetup sponsored by C2 Graphics and Productivity Solutions discussing prototyping and wireframing with my designer friend at 85Graphics. It promises to be a great day of networking, learning and mental gymnastics.

Good thing I brought my sweatband! Need to read this article on Content Strategy later, too. There are totally not enough hours in the day.

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