With bells on

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Homework, thanks everyone for all the loot!


I woke up in the best way possible: well rested. And to a great new book at my door. Upon going to work, I had two — COUNT THEM TWO — coworkers share some more knowledge with me! I have a TON of reading to do and I don’t think I could be more excited.

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let’s get weird!

I had a fabulous lunch out with a fabulous gentleman friend who got to meet one of my other very fabulous gentleman friends. THEN I found a Polaroid. But not just a Polaroid, but one WITH FILM. This film is at least 9 years past it’s expiration date but hey, let’s give this a whirl.

I’m shoving off into this foggy weekend early with my very good friend who’s getting married next week. There’s a surprise in store for her when we arrive at our location. Weekend jam: this awful tune that kind of sums up the feeling ’round these parts.

Cheers everyone!

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