Counting (seemingly) Everything

There really should be a limit on how many tabs I have open at any given time. I think I’m up to about 55.

Ranging from races I need to register for to calendars and schedules and notes and articles about UX, I have way too many things vying for my attention at the end of the days.


Today, after a frustrating day of work, I came home to a cat who was very happy to see me, a great catch-up phone date with Miss Chicago, a nice, easy, lean run around the city as the sun set, and a Coursera class about HCI — Human Computer Interaction.

While my attention span at the end of the day leaves a lot to be desired, I’m invigorated coming home to such exciting projects. I’m blessed to have a really full life. I’m also totally blessed (and outwardly relishing anyone who asks, and hell, doesn’t ask) to have a new/old Manfriend in my life (again) who really complements my spitballing-bi-polar-hungry-for-more-crazy-ideas self in a way I never thought possible.

I’m counting my lucky stars as I find myself learning more in the evenings, being more assertive during the day and generally counting down to the big 26.2 this weekend (HOLY CROW)!

As Miss Chicago said, “CRUSH IT!”

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