Working for the weekend

If you’re paying attention to the calendar, I haven’t been posting nearly as often as I should. Being busy isn’t an excuse but I have been working on some stuff that I just can’t show you quite yet. Although, if you hover over “About Ms. Morning” something NEW appears!

It’s behind-the-scenes, smoke-and-mirrors type-stuff but when it’s ready to go I think y’all will be quite pleased.

So, where have I been? Last week I went to the Insight Summit Series PR and Social Media Summit and spent the next 3 days processing exactly what happened. Then I stood up in a wedding. Then I ran my first marathon.

Since then, this week has just slipped away. I’ve been reading as much as possible in the evening and working on a bit of a side project. So hang tight, everybody. I’ll be sharing my thoughts from a webinar, the summit and the reading material very, very soon.

You could say how I feel about the passage of October is really akin to how this cat feels about this banana:


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