Slow down, you.

Some days are just sent from the Universe with care. Well, all of them are, really. But some of them you know were assembled with immense purpose.



Today symbolized a closing of sorts. The close of summer running weather. The close of THE marathon. The close of THE wedding. The close of a tumultuous chapter at work. The close of doubt. The close of rushingrushingrushing to get to the next period of rushingrushingrushing. Perhaps closing is the wrong word. More so The Return.

A Return to kindness. A Return to positivity. A Return to joy. A Return to wonder. A Return to love. A Return to kindness. A Return home.

I was going to run after work. I suited up and realized that my headphones were still at the office. So I went anyway, listening to my breathing fight against the cold. Then I stopped and walked and listened to the world. Have you noticed how nice it is out there, lately? The trees are turning. It feels like everything is being remade from a previous version.

It occurred to me that I haven’t given true thanks and felt truly in the NOW in far too long. So, I have returned.

The rest of the year I’ll live as fast as I need to at work, but as slow as I can at home. I need to slow down allover. I need to stop making everything a fight and a battle and a medal of honor and instead make everything about what counts … (you know the answer) … the right now. The people we love. The lives we cultivate.

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