Feeling the love

A friend of mine over at MKEUX is responsible for one of the more formative moments in this period of turning points in my career.

It was the moment we became friends.

Kermit Flail

Pretty much me all day today.

Well, actually, it was the moment he told me that I get it. It was like all the lights in the house went on at the same time. ‘What do you mean?’ I heard my inner voice say, ‘I’m not just making this up? I actually get it?’

Since then I’ve found I have more courage than I give myself credit for and a passion for something I didn’t even know had a name 18 months ago.

Today on the MKEUX blog, they published a post I wrote about founding UXBookMKE and I am really grateful for the support.

Thanks for sharing the love, you guys. And all of you new friends, go check out the awesome work MKEUX has been doing! Cheers!

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