A gift from the d.school

About a week ago I was on the train back from Milwaukee when my friend Chris sent me a link to the d.school‘s latest gift.

We’d just finished reading Creative Confidence for the Milwaukee UX Book Club‘s first meetup and we were feeling pretty inspired to talk less and do more.

d.school gift, d.school design thinking

design thinking says one thing: DO IT.

Today, my friend Christina acted on that and in a forest of cinnamon rolls, lox, bagel, cheese, tomato, tea, coffee and ginger ale, we set out to get thoroughly acquainted with the d.school’s design philosophy.

There’s a great breakdown of it on Smashing Magazine for those of you who don’t have 90 minutes and a buddy, but I will say that this is definitely better experienced than read about (less talking, more doing)!

We went from identifying a problem to creating a working prototype in less than 2 hours, which felt pretty magical. Interestingly enough, my biggest hesitation in the whole process was entirely imagined. Toward the end, you must present a working prototype of a very abstract concept that I didn’t think could be prototyped. But as the gong went off I found it completely natural to grab the scissors, paper and tape to start crafting.

Just one more argument for the “talk less, do more” argument.

In the spirit of Creative Confidence, the d.school and my prototype (not pictured because I don’t want to give you any ideas if you do the exercise) the rest of the day is reserved not for football but instead, DOING my website up a bit better.

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