Tomorrows are such an amazing thing. It’s whole premise is based on the promise you’ll get there. The thing after this thing, that next step, that something we’re all supposed to reach for.

My friend bought a house.
My friend is now an aunt.
My cousin is getting married.
My friends are changing jobs.

I’m so good at looking for that next thing that I often forget about the current thing. Yoga helps me stay here. It tethers me to the present.

My Teacher once said, “yoga is ready for you when you’re ready for yoga.”

Tonight I wasn’t necessarily ready for yoga but boy, was it ready for me. I found strength I had buried, playfulness I had repressed, confidence that was hidden and a lift coming from I don’t know where.

I tried crane for the first time. I practiced my standing splits. I spent a good long while in a shoulder stand.

Tomorrow is a whole different animal but today, I’m happy to be right here.

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