From the Chicago TribunePrioritize fun this year. Get involved with your community. Financial expansion and windfalls keep you busy before mid-July, when words and actions get supercharged with extra impact. Launch, record, write and speak your creative ideas. Discipline towards healthy routines gets bonus benefits. Take a long view on realizing dreams while you enjoy domestic pleasures, like time with friends and family. Love is the bottom line.

Last night the Manfriend and I decided to not spend the night in Milwaukee and instead drive down to Chicago. It was 10:45 when we left. 

Car trips are a thing I relish most in this world. I’ve always loved being in the car regardless of who was driving or where we’re going. In college, I had an awesome 1997 VW Jetta and that little car was like my own personal time machine. I sold it when I moved to Chicago in 2011. 

As the clock switched over to 12:00, I got that familiar birthday feeling. You know, the one where you feel all sparkly on the inside and you’ve finally given yourself permission to do whatever you want, even if that’s wearing your underwear over your pants (true story: I did this on Saturday night. Because why not!)

I reflected on all the previous birthdays that came before; there’s something about 27 that feels decidedly 4-legged. Meaning, the coffee table is no longer wobbly. 

This can likely be attributed to the last year of monumental personal growth. 

Last summer, my friend Chris asked me if I could pick a theme for the year, what would it be? In a moment of wisdom beyond my years, I told him that 26 would be MY year. Mostly because it was my golden year but in truth, I was more right then than I could have ever imagined. 

In the last year I’ve helped some friends through a lot of tight spots and some really amazing life-changing milestones. TWO of them bought houses, one of them got married, another is about to get engaged. I came to fully appreciate and integrate yoga into my whole life. I RAN A MARATHON!!!! Yes, the asthmatic RAN A MARATHON!! I went to Mexico and understood the importance of ME time. I fell in love quite deeply. I also fell into and have come to love my life’s work. I’m not in it 100% yet, but it’s only a matter of time. I learned how to listen to myself, make decisions and to expand my mind. 

So all that said at a very high-level, 27 feels like everything is clicking into place. Like I found my favorite deck chair. Like I’m wearing a party hat for the whole year. Like big things are happening and instead of being afraid of it all, I’m thrilled and welcome all the weird that this year promises. 

Happy Birthday, me. As I start all my yoga classes: This one’s for me. 

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