Write it in Reverse

In college, someone put Write it in Reverse by Spoon on a mix for me and every now and again I get it stuck in my head.

Today, it’s appropriate as so much has happened in the last week/month!! I’ll try to catch everyone up.

Last week, I got accepted into Designation, 10-week intensive program for UX, design, coding and all things I’m passionate about. It’s going to be really challenging, really rigorous and something I’m really proud of. My 100 hours of prep work begins today! I couldn’t be more thrilled for this next chapter in my life.

So, what does that mean!? Am I leaving MilRAWKee? What about the UXBookMKE? What about my apartment? What about Louie, the wondercat?

I’m leaving temporarily but “leaving” is even a stretch because UXBookMKE will still run as planned. I have no idea what I’m doing with my apartment (and I have to tell my property management company on Friday). Louie is coming with me as my sidekick.

Last week, I met with the fabulous Kate Gomoll of Gomoll Research + Design after hearing her speak at UWM last month about UX’s importance and place in business development. She was a marvelous speaker. Her life’s work had just about everyone on the edge of their seats and I was surprised how many folks were newbies to the field. How exciting! That said, our coffee date was even better. It was thrilling getting to know Kate better and (AND!) she’s put some serious fire under my booty to get my pet project researched, developed, documented and out to the masses.

That will also continue as planned while I’m at Designation.

I’ve been getting up around 4am the past four days. I’ve chalked it up to the humidity but I think it’s more aptly ascribed to excitement.

There’s one particular person who’s been a pretty significant mentor in my life that’s telling me this is going about my life the wrong way. That I’m being irresponsible and rushing things. But I’ve reached a point where I can no longer be satisfied devoting half of my time to what I’m truly passionate about. I’m in a place where I’m ready and need to go whole hog. I’m confident in my future success and I don’t think I could have made this decision 8 months ago.

My guts are literally pulling me toward this next step. I’m looking forward to feeling uncertain and learn a lot of new things. I’m looking forward to a lot of hard work. I’m looking forward to closing the distance gap with Manfriend. I’m looking forward to time with my family. I’ll miss the life I created in Milwaukee hourly. So, it’s my hope I’ll come back here when it’s over.

I think that’s why I had to get up early today and work out; watch the sun come up over Lake Michigan with a nice French Press of coffee. I hope every day can be like today.

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