Designation: Week 1

The theme of this week could be “get to know your neighbor”, “get out of your comfort zone”,photo 4 (1) “think differently” or “welcome to being really tired.”

In reality, the theme of the week has been “make stuff.” Or perhaps Andrew said it best: “get reps.”

We’ve sketched a lot, we’ve taken a lot of notes, we’ve learned a little bit about each other and I’ve come to realize that all of these people are my people.

It’s invigorating to be in an environment that encourages getting everything out on the table. It’s affirming that all of us want to be here and are committed to doing great work. It’s awesome to have a forum where I get feedback on what I’m doing, thinking and making. It’s refreshing to make mistakes.

photo 1 (4)We spend more time with each other than we do with our families and when it hit’s 8:30 pm and everyone’s tired, nobody looks at their watch and says “yeah, I gotta cut this short.” In fact, I get halfway home on the Metra and come across some other tidbit I want to share with the clan.

Looking into the weekend, we’ll be firming up our term projects and looking for the initial biases, pain points and constraints. We’ll all be spending Saturday sleeping, gearing up for our Sunday workshop and week 2.

We move fast here.

Some sketches from the week are below. All of this will arrive on the portfolio site as soon as I have some unspokenfor time (read: tomorrow).


photo 2 (3) photo 3 (3)



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