Designation: Week 2

Admittedly, this post is late. Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 5.39.18 PM

Designation has me nose-to-grindstone all day and most of the night. The mornings and evenings are spent commuting. The weekends have been condensed to Sundays with class on Saturday. This past Sunday I moved out of my Milwaukee apartment.

The night before I was totally exhausted and a little emotional about leaving. But once we got everything out, it felt like the right timing. Thanks to that and a morning yoga class on Saturday, my body is feeling completely like Jello.

So, what have we covered this past week? Code, mostly.

Andrew said during the first week that the week of code is the one that pretty much makes or breaks the cohorts and I’m happy to report that I held my own, as did the rest of my comrades. So, we’ve gone from 0 to making a responsive prototype in a week.

Week 3 so far has been research-focused. It’s almost like we’re learning to juggle…

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