Designation: Week 3

I’ll be damned if I don’t finish this code project tonight.

This week was lots of lecture, a guest speaker, and finally some social events. We focused mainly on the practice of UX in the evening; specifically discussing practicing what was being preached and how to put it into action.

My project team solidified and we started our preliminary fact-finding interviews. Two down, dozens more to come, I’m sure.

We had a big ol’ code project for Chris to finish which, admittedly, I haven’t finished (see above) but I’m determined to do it the long way and the hard way so I can get it right and clear this hurdle. It’s been infuriating pushing these classes and id’s around but when you get the interwebz to do a neat trick, it’s really invigorating. I’ll post a link here when it’s done.

We also had a good amount of design projects to finish during the day. I learned that I get really inside of Illustrator and it’s hard to get me out. I’m focusing on learning how to accept “good enough to get the point across” and “pixel-fucking.”

My team and I are sacrificing our day off on the altar of research tomorrow — we’re roadtripping up to Milwaukee to ride the busses. One of my cohorts is from the Bay Area so it’ll be really fun to watch these three dudes figure out MCTS but even more fun to show them around like tourists.

I’m really looking forward to it and spending more time with these guys. I mean, we already spend most of our waking hours together, so what’s a few more?

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