Project Outline: MCTS

photo (6)Now that we’re in the halftime segment of Designation, I’m happy to share that my team and I are beginning the design stages of the MCTS project.

First, we identified our assumptions. We took a trip up to Milwaukee for a Contextual Inquiry. We distilled what we hear in an affinity map. Compiled an HTI. We identified requirements of the platform. We completed style tiles. Now, we’re standing on the edge of creating new interfaces for web and mobile and redesigning the signage for the entire system.

We’ve gotten some interesting reactions from our instructors, most notably Leanne saying “You want to finish this by the end of the year?” Nope, the end of Designation.

photo (1)I have every confidence we’ll get it done, especially at the rate we’re going. But now that client work is coming into the picture, my time management and project management skills are really being put to the test.

The more I think about it, the more I wish I had known “Service Design” was a thing sooner. Much like I wish I had known about Industrial Design when I was an undergrad, Service Design is really where I’m happiest. It requires creating interfaces that matter and can be widely used by an immense amount of people. How cool is that? Design for the greater good.

Finally, I’ve found my happiest of happy places.

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