Designation: The End

So many good things have happened in the last 8 weeks.

Week 6 capped the education part of Designation and a transference into the actual working portion of the program. What’s interesting is noticing the shift in people from classmates to colleagues. The idiosyncrasies come out and everyone’s leadership and collaboration skills are tested.

Some projects went as expected, others did not but in all cases, my teams delivered to the clients work we were proud of. You can check out those projects and others on my portfolio site,

I had my exit interview on Thursday last week and was determined to take some time off for myself. To run, to go to yoga, to catch up with my family and some friends, to swap out my summer clothes for winter ones (because the whole dang thing will absolutely not fit in my half-bedroom slice of my parent’s house). I’ve had mixed results with the relaxing.

Talking with my friend & mentor, Zeke, it just never seems like there’s enough time for reading.

So, what’s next? Did the crazy idea work? My goodness, internet-universe, I’m SO THRILLED to say that…


I start my internship with Fuzzy Math tomorrow. I’m continuing some work with a client from the program and I’ve got another side project in the works.  I’m looking forward to the real work beginning. I’m looking forward to working with a new team that’s a well-oiled machine. I’m looking forward to running and yoga and family and manfriend and friendfriends even more than I already do. And I am SO lucky.

Here’s to the next crazy idea. Cheers!


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